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Web FaceDTR


Effortless Attendance Tracking for Modern Workplaces.

Web FaceDTR by SweldoMo redefines payroll management by using face-capturing technology to precisely record clock-in and clock-out times. Employing photo biometrics eliminates the risk of time fraud and provides employees with a seamless, contactless experience. Additionally, integrating photo and geolocation capturing enhances accuracy, contributing to a modernized workforce management approach.

In summary, Web FaceDTR is a cutting-edge solution that prioritizes security, efficiency, and convenience in payroll processing. Its advanced features streamline administrative tasks while ensuring reliable attendance management. Embracing Web FaceDTR heralds the future of payroll management, optimizing organizational processes and promoting overall efficiency.


SweldoMo FaceDTR utilizes geotagging technology to track and verify employee locations. This feature ensures that employees are physically present at designated work locations during their shifts. By leveraging GPS or other location-based services, SweldoMo FaceDTR enhances accountability and accuracy in attendance monitoring, facilitating efficient workforce management.


  • Automated: Utilizes GPS or location-based services to track and verify employee locations automatically.

  • Real-time Monitoring: Provides real-time updates on employee whereabouts, enabling immediate intervention if discrepancies arise.

  • Efficiency: It streamlines attendance tracking processes, reducing the need for manual oversight and minimizing administrative burden.

  • Accuracy: Ensures accurate attendance records by verifying employee presence at designated work locations.

  • Convenience: Eliminates the need for physical biometric devices, allowing for flexible and remote attendance tracking.


Clock-In with Confidence, Anywhere, Anytime.

The main advantage of Sweldomo Payroll & HR Management Solutions lies in its seamless integration of Web FaceDTR technology, empowering Philippine MSMEs with efficient and accurate attendance tracking, payroll processing, and HR management capabilities in a user-friendly platform.


Web FaceDTR biometric integration combines face capture technology to provide comprehensive employee attendance tracking in Sweldomo's payroll and HR management system.

This integration verifies their physical location using geotagging, enhancing accountability and compliance with attendance policies. By leveraging these advanced biometric capabilities, FaceDTR geotagging integration offers a robust solution for efficient and secure workforce management.


Web FaceDTR real-time monitoring provides instant and continuous oversight of employee attendance activities within Sweldomo's payroll and HR management system. Utilizing geotagging technology allows supervisors and administrators to monitor employee location, check-ins, and check-outs as they occur, ensuring immediate awareness of attendance status updates.

This real-time monitoring capability enables swift responses to attendance discrepancies, promoting enhanced accountability and efficiency in workforce management.


Web FaceDTR photo with geotagging is a feature within Sweldomo's payroll and HR management system that combines facial recognition technology with geotagging capabilities. It allows employees to clock in or out using a photo taken through the system, which is then tagged with the employee's current location. 

It ensures accurate attendance tracking by verifying the employee's identity through facial recognition and their physical location through geotagging, providing an additional layer of security and accountability.


Using Web FaceDTR in Sweldomo's payroll and HR management system, leave management streamlines requesting, approving, and tracking employee leaves. Employees can submit leave requests through the system, verified using facial recognition technology to ensure identity validation. 

Additionally, Web FaceDTR captures the location of the request, providing geotagging data to verify the authenticity of the leave request. Supervisors can then review and approve leave requests in real-time, efficiently managing employee absences while maintaining accuracy and accountability.


Sweldomo's Employee Request Management using Web FaceDTR enables seamless submission, verification, and approval of diverse employee requests. Through photo capture and geotagging technology, employees authenticate requests for leave, overtime, or adjustments, ensuring identity validation and request authenticity.

Supervisors can then review and approve requests in real-time, fostering efficient, transparent, and accountable employee request management.


Web FaceDTR boasts multi-device compatibility, ensuring seamless access and functionality across various devices such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This versatility enables employees to conveniently clock in or out, submit requests, and perform other attendance-related tasks using their preferred device, enhancing user flexibility and accessibility. 

Moreover, supervisors and administrators can monitor and manage attendance activities from any device with internet access, facilitating efficient workforce management regardless of location or device type.

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