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Payroll Management


Simplifying Payroll, Empowering Growth.

SweldoMo's payroll system stands at the forefront of innovation, offering businesses a sophisticated solution to streamline the complexities of payroll management. Automated processing guarantees precision, efficiency, and compliance with regulatory standards, reducing manual intervention and the likelihood of errors. Moreover, its comprehensive reporting tools provide invaluable insights into payroll expenses, tax obligations, and employee earnings, empowering organizations to make informed decisions and optimize financial planning strategies.

What sets SweldoMo apart is its unwavering commitment to flexibility and user-friendliness. The platform seamlessly accommodates various payment methods and adapts to diverse payroll schedules. Customizable settings for overtime, bonuses, and deductions cater to unique business needs. With its intuitive interface, SweldoMo ensures effortless navigation for both seasoned professionals and novices alike, making it an indispensable and reliable tool for managing the intricate intricacies of payroll with ease and efficiency.


SweldoMo Payroll & HR Management Solutions employs cutting-edge technology to streamline payroll processes effectively. The system leverages advanced algorithms and automation to calculate wages, deductions, and taxes accurately. It integrates seamlessly with various HR systems and timekeeping solutions, ensuring synchronization of employee data for payroll processing.


SweldoMo's secure cloud-based infrastructure also enables convenient access to payroll information from any device, facilitating efficient management and compliance with regulatory requirements.


  • Accuracy: Utilizes advanced facial recognition and automation technologies to ensure accurate and error-free payroll calculations.

  • Efficiency: It streamlines payroll processing by automating data entry, calculation, and verification tasks, reducing the time and effort required for payroll administration.

  • Compliance: Ensures compliance with labor laws and regulations by accurately recording work hours, deductions, and taxes, reducing the risk of compliance violations.

  • Integration: Seamlessly integrates with timekeeping systems and HR management software, enabling synchronized data flow and eliminating discrepancies between attendance records and payroll.

  • Security: Enhances security by utilizing biometric authentication and encryption technologies to safeguard sensitive payroll data from unauthorized access or manipulation.


Streamlined Payroll Excellence for Your Business.

SweldoMo Payroll and HR Management solutions offer a comprehensive and integrated platform for efficient payroll and HR task management. By consolidating various functions into one system, SweldoMo simplifies workflows, reduces administrative burden, ensures accuracy, and promotes compliance with regulations, ultimately empowering organizations to focus on strategic growth initiatives.


SweldoMo offers versatile payroll types and flexible scheduling options, allowing seamless adaptation to various compensation structures and operational needs. 

Supported Payroll Schedule :

  • Daily

  • Weekly

  • Semi-Monthly

  • Monthly 


With automated calculation and processing, compliance management, integration capabilities, and a user-friendly interface, SweldoMo streamlines payroll processes, enhances efficiency, and ensures accuracy, making it an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes.


SweldoMo Payroll streamlines the overtime approval process with efficiency and precision. Upon submission of overtime requests by employees, supervisors or designated approvers receive notifications through the system. They can review the requests, verify the accuracy of overtime hours, and approve them with a simple click.

This automated process eliminates manual paperwork, reduces processing time, and ensures timely and accurate payment for overtime work. Additionally, SweldoMo tracks approved overtime hours, providing comprehensive reports for payroll processing and compliance purposes.


SweldoMo Payroll streamlines allowance management through a centralized platform, enabling HR administrators to define, track, and process various employee allowances. With self-service portals for allowance requests and automated approval workflows, SweldoMo ensures accuracy, compliance, and transparency.

It can assign allowances of any type to individuals or groups. Also, the system can schedule the crediting of allowances by payroll cycles or ranges. Detailed reports on allowance expenditure offer insights for better budgeting and decision-making, ultimately enhancing overall efficiency and employee satisfaction.


SweldoMo Payroll streamlines salary adjustments for various reasons, such as promotions or performance reviews, empowering HR managers to initiate changes swiftly.

Employees can also request adjustments through self-service portals, ensuring transparency and accessibility. The system automates salary calculations based on predefined rules and ensures compliance with company policies and regulations.

Moreover, it offers scheduling options for adjustments and generates detailed reports for budgeting and auditing purposes, ultimately simplifying the process with accuracy, transparency, and compliance.


SweldoMo Payroll simplifies loan management by offering a centralized platform for administering and tracking employee loans. It automates the approval process, facilitates disbursement, and tracks repayment schedules. 

Keep tabs on employee loans within the system. Easily add ongoing and upcoming loan applications for seamless collection. Additionally, it provides comprehensive reports for monitoring loan activity, enhancing transparency, and improving employee financial wellness.


SweldoMo Payroll efficiently generates detailed payroll registers, compiling essential data like employee wages, deductions, and taxes into organized summaries for each pay period. 

  • Accurate and Detailed

  • Supports 46 Pay Rates

  • Versioning and Archiving Capability

  • Print and Export Options

  • Advanced Filtering Capability

These customizable registers streamline processes, reduce errors, and ensure compliance, ultimately enhancing accuracy, efficiency, and overall payroll management.


SweldoMo Payroll automates the generation of detailed payroll slips, compiling essential earnings and deductions into organized summaries for each pay period. 

  • Individual 

  • Multiple Employees

  • Payroll Cycle Ranges' Salary Reports

SweldoMo's automated payroll slips offer accurate records, accessible electronically or in print, reducing administrative burdens and errors. With customizable options, SweldoMo ensures transparency, efficiency, and employee satisfaction.


SweldoMo Payroll automates the preparation of bank payroll files, compiling employee data and payment details into formats compatible with diverse banking systems. HR managers can customize parameters like file format and encryption to align with bank requirements, minimizing manual effort and potential errors. 

It supports Multiple Banks and Payroll File Formats.
The system also performs validation checks to ensure data accuracy before submission, enhancing payroll processing efficiency, accuracy, and security.


The SweldoMo Payroll & HR Solutions Manager Self-Service (MSS) Portal provides managers with efficient access to crucial payroll and HR functions, allowing swift approval of leave requests, real-time monitoring of employee data, and seamless management of payroll tasks.

This intuitive platform enables managers to effectively oversee team activities, ensuring compliance and driving organizational success.


The SweldoMo Payroll & HR Solutions Employee Self-Service (ESS) Portal empowers employees with convenient access to their payroll and HR information, enhancing engagement and autonomy in managing their data. 

Through the ESS Portal, employees can view their DTRs and shift schedules. Employees can submit leave requests, overtime, official business travel, and requests for shift change and send HR requests in one centralized platform. This user-friendly interface promotes transparency, efficiency, and employee satisfaction, ultimately contributing to a more productive and engaged workforce.

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