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TKS Timekeeping


Streamline Your Timekeeping Effortlessly.

SweldoMo revolutionizes employee work-hour management with its sophisticated and user-centric timekeeping system. Automating clock-in/out processes minimizes errors and allows HR professionals to focus on strategic tasks. Biometric authentication ensures secure verification, reducing time fraud and enhancing data security. Accessible via mobile devices, it accommodates remote work trends, while real-time monitoring enables proactive attendance tracking. Customizable settings cater to various work arrangements, ensuring precision in payroll processing and contributing to an agile workforce management strategy.


Sweldomo's payroll and HR solutions offer advanced timekeeping capabilities, allowing businesses to track employee attendance, manage shifts, and streamline payroll processes efficiently. With intuitive features and robust functionality, our system simplifies timekeeping tasks, ensuring accuracy and compliance while saving valuable time and resources.


  • Accuracy: Utilizes advanced facial recognition technology for precise and error-free attendance tracking, ensuring accurate records of employee work hours.

  • Efficiency: Streamlines the timekeeping process by automating clock-ins and clock-outs, saving valuable time and reducing administrative overhead.

  • Real-time Monitoring: Provides real-time visibility into employee attendance data, allowing supervisors to monitor attendance instantly and address any issues promptly.

  • Compliance: Ensures compliance with labor laws and regulations by accurately recording work hours and breaks, minimizing the risk of compliance violations.

  • Security: Enhances security by verifying employee identities through facial recognition, preventing instances of buddy punching or time theft.

  • Integration: Seamlessly integrates with payroll and HR systems, automating payroll calculations and simplifying reporting processes.


Accurate & Effortless Timekeeping.

The main advantage of SweldoMo Timekeeping (TKS) lies in its utilization of advanced Web FaceDTR technology, ensuring precise and efficient attendance tracking while minimizing the risk of errors and fraudulent activities associated with traditional timekeeping methods. This innovative feature streamlines the timekeeping process, enhances accuracy, and promotes compliance with labor regulations, ultimately saving business time and resources.


SweldoMo Payroll & HR Solutions offers a self-service timekeeping feature that empowers employees to manage their attendance easily. Through an intuitive self-service portal, employees can clock in and out, request time off, and submit attendance adjustments without HR or administrative staff manual intervention. 

This streamlined process reduces the burden on HR personnel and gives employees greater control over their work hours, leading to increased efficiency and satisfaction within the organization. Additionally, self-service timekeeping promotes transparency and accountability, as employees can access their attendance records and track their time-related activities in real time. 


SweldoMo Payroll & HR Solutions offers real-time monitoring timekeeping with FaceDTR technology, ensuring instant oversight of employee attendance.

This feature enables prompt intervention, enhances operational efficiency, and supports proactive workforce management. SweldoMo empowers organizations to maintain productivity and compliance in a dynamic environment.


SweldoMo Payroll & HR Solutions incorporates compliance tracking into its timekeeping functionality, ensuring adherence to labor laws and regulations. Through features like FaceDTR technology and geotagging, the system accurately records employee work hours and locations, minimizing the risk of compliance violations.

This comprehensive tracking capability enables organizations to generate compliant reports, mitigate regulatory risks, and uphold ethical labor practices. SweldoMo's compliance tracking timekeeping feature promotes transparency and accountability, fostering a culture of regulatory compliance within the organization.


SweldoMo Payroll & HR Solutions seamlessly integrates its timekeeping functionality with payroll processing, streamlining the payroll workflow. By automatically capturing employee clock-ins and clock-outs using advanced features like FaceDTR technology, the system ensures accurate and reliable attendance data for payroll calculations. 

This integration eliminates manual data entry errors, reduces administrative workload, and accelerates payroll processing times. With SweldoMo's integration with payroll timekeeping, organizations can enhance efficiency, accuracy, and compliance in managing their workforce's time and attendance data.

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