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Answers to Your Most Common Questions

  • Can we generate an overtime report?
    Yes. The generation of an overtime report is supported in the system.
  • Can we generate a DTR report?
    Yes. The system allows for the generation of a DTR report for a specific payroll cut-off or date range.
  • Can employees log out the next day?
    Yes. Next-day log-out is supported in the system.
  • Can we generate the Alphalist?
    Yes. Alphalist can be generated in the system.
  • Can we generate statutory reports?
    Yes. Statutory reports for BIR, SSS, PHIC, and HDMF can be generated in the system.
  • What are the types of adjustments in the system?
    You can add and classify any addition or deduction adjustment in the system.
  • Is there a payslip for the final pay?
    Yes. The final Payslip can also be generated inside the system.
  • Can we delete Payroll registers?
    No. Payroll registers cannot be deleted. Instead, it can be put into an archive.
  • Is late filing of leaves available in the system?
    Yes. Post-filing is allowed in the system as long as it is filed and approved within the payroll cut-off to be credited to the employee's payroll. If not, it can be added to the employee's salary on the next cut-off.
  • Can we generate the 13th month?
    Yes. The 13th-month pay generation is already available in the system.
  • Can we download the Employee 201 file?
    Yes. Downloading of the Employee 201 record is available in the system.
  • Can we not include a loan deduction for some cut-offs?
    Yes. We have the Pre-Generate feature, which allows you to exclude the loan deduction from the employee's payroll for the present payroll cut-off.
  • Can we edit shifts of employees in bulk?
    Yes. Multiple editing of shifts is supported in the system. Also, you can plot ahead the schedule of your employees in bulk using Employee Shift Plotting, but this is a premium feature that entails additional costs.
  • Can we generate a leave report?
    Yes. Generation of leave balance and leave ledger report is supported in the system.
  • Can we still approve overtime from past cut-offs?
    Yes. You can still approve overtime from past cut-offs, but it needs to be added as an Adjustment for it to be credited to the employee.
  • Can we edit the DTRs?
    Yes. Admins can edit the DTRs of their employees as long as they have the privilege or permission.
  • Can we restrict some admin users from accessing employees' salaries or payroll for confidentiality?
    Yes. We have fine-grain role access in the system. This means you can restrict some permissions or privileges to each admin user. For example, you can edit employee information, edit DTRs, view salaries, and generate payroll and payslips.
  • Can we add an allowance in the system?
    Yes. An allowance can be added to the system, and you can set whether it is daily or pro-rated.
  • Can we generate Final Pay?
    Yes. Final pay can be generated in the system.
  • Can employees have multiple shifts?
    Yes. You can plot the employees' shift schedules for a specific day, month, or payroll cut-off.
  • If there are some additional holidays or changes in the holidays, how is it updated in the system?
    We update the holidays should there be additional adjustments mandated by the government. For the local holidays, clients will be the ones to add it up in the system.
  • Can we hide modules or switches that are not applicable to us?
    No. But this will fall under customization which will entail additional cost.
  • Can we set signatories or approvers for the payroll?
    Yes. Signatories can be set on the payroll register.
  • Are the government forms being updated also if there will be changes from the government agencies?
    Yes. Forms are being updated in the system should there be mandated changes from the government agencies.
  • Can we add commissions and incentives in the system?
    Yes. Commissions and incentives are supported in the system.
  • Can we include government loans in the system?
    Yes. Adding government loans or any loan is supported inside the system.
  • Can employees generate payslips even from past cut-offs?
    Yes. Employees can still generate their payslips from past cut-offs.
  • Can we edit the Certificate of Employment?
    No. But this will fall under customization and will entail additional costs.
  • Can we customize the dashboard?
    No. But you can request dashboard customization, which will entail an additional charge.
  • Can gross and net pay be hidden on the dashboard for some admin users?
    No. But you can request a customization, which will entail an additional charge.
  • Can managers upload Daily Time Records / DTRs?
    Managers cannot upload the DTRs on the MSS. However, they can do so if they have admin access.
  • Can we have multiple approvers?
    Yes. Multiple approvers are supported in the system. It can be parallel, meaning multiple approvers can be set under a certain level and sequential simultaneously.
  • Can we set a time-range for managers to approve requests?
    Yes. On the admin, you can restrict the approval of requests for a certain period under the Access Lock.
  • Is there an offline version of MSS?
    None, since SweldoMo MSS is a cloud-based platform.
  • Can managers edit the DTRs?
    Yes. Managers can edit their DTRs as long as the admin allows them.
  • Can managers check their DTRs on the MSS?
    Yes. Managers can view their individual DTRs on their portal.
  • Will employees be able to edit their information?
    No. If employees have updates on their personal information, they may file for an HR request then HR Admins may edit their information.
  • Are memos available on the ESS?
    Memos and file attachments are not yet available on the employee portal, but they are already in the enhancement pipeline. There is no definite timeline yet for when they will be available.
  • Can you view your available leaves and balances?
    Yes. Employees can view their leave balance on their portal.
  • Is there an offline version of ESS?
    None, since SweldoMo ESS is cloud-based platform.
  • How safe are the captured photos?
    Photos are guaranteed safe in the system, and an NDA binds us.
  • Can we set a certain area or parameter where employees can log in and out?
    Yes. Though geofencing or setting a specific geographic location for employees to log in and out has yet to be available in the system, there are workarounds. One is IP restriction, which can be done as long as a static IP is used. Second, a client can inform employees regarding a location with a specific background to where they will be clocking in and out. It can be checked since photo capturing is required.
  • How long are captured photos saved in the system?
    Captured photos from the Web FaceDTR have a data retention of 45 days.
  • What are the device specifications to use SweldoMo Web FaceDTR?
    You can access the SweldoMo FaceDTR Web in any computer desktop, laptop or mobile device with the following requirements: For desktop or laptop computer: - Windows OS ( Window 7, Vista, Windows 10 ), Mac OS X or Linux. - Modern web browser ( Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari ) - Internet connection ( WiFi, Wired, DSL or Fiber ) - Webcam - Camera and location is enabled. For tablets or Mobile phones: - Android OS or iOS - Mobile web browser - Internet connection or Mobile data (3G, LTE, 5G)
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