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Empowering Filipino Workplaces - Your Ultimate HR Partner.



Digital efficiency should not be expensive. 

It should be for everyone.

We are a team passionate about automating your payroll and HR tasks, and we are committed to innovation, integrity, collaboration, continuous learning, reliability, adaptability, security, and social responsibility.

SweldoMo stands out with its relentless commitment to innovative solutions, seamlessly merging cutting-edge technology with unparalleled client-centricity to redefine the landscape of IT services.

Quality shouldn't break the bank. Affordability is the key to making excellence accessible to all.


Where Efficiency Meets Innovation in Payroll and HR Management.


SweldoMo's Web FaceDTR represents a pioneering leap forward in payroll management, driven by innovative technologies and a commitment to efficiency and security. By harnessing the power of face capturing, this advanced feature ensures precise recording of employees' clock-in and clock-out times, bolstering the reliability of attendance tracking. Through photo biometrics and geolocation integration, traditional time recording methods are rendered obsolete, paving the way for a seamless and contactless experience that eliminates the risk of time fraud.

This cutting-edge solution enhances accuracy and contributes to a more streamlined and modernized approach to workforce management. By embracing state-of-the-art technology, SweldoMo's Web FaceDTR ensures that payroll processing is secure, efficient, and tailored to the evolving needs of businesses in today's fast-paced world. Ultimately, Web FaceDTR epitomizes the future of payroll processing, delivering a trifecta of security, efficiency, and convenience that sets a new standard in the industry.

TKS Timekeeping

SweldoMo's timekeeping system stands at the forefront of revolutionizing how businesses manage employee work hours, offering a sophisticated and intuitive solution tailored to modern workforce needs. Its automated clock-in/out feature minimizes manual processes, reducing errors and allowing HR professionals to focus on strategic initiatives. Integrating biometric authentication ensures secure verification, mitigating time fraud and enhancing data security to meet the highest workplace technology standards.

A standout feature of SweldoMo's timekeeping system is its adaptability to the evolving landscape of remote work, with accessibility through mobile devices. Real-time monitoring capabilities enable employers to track attendance instantly, enabling proactive management and swift resolution of discrepancies.


Moreover, the system's customizable settings cater to various work arrangements, allowing organizations to tailor it to specific needs such as flexible schedules, overtime calculations, or comprehensive leave tracking. In essence, SweldoMo's timekeeping system offers a comprehensive solution that ensures precision in payroll processing, contributing to an agile and efficient workforce management strategy in today's dynamic business environment.

Payroll Management

SweldoMo's payroll system emerges as a game-changer in payroll management, boasting cutting-edge features meticulously designed to streamline and optimize the intricate payroll process for businesses. Automated processing ensures unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and regulatory compliance, effectively minimizing manual intervention and the risk of errors.

Beyond its fundamental functionalities, SweldoMo's payroll system offers comprehensive reporting tools, providing invaluable insights into payroll expenses, tax liabilities, and employee earnings. It empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions and refine financial planning strategies with confidence and precision.

What sets SweldoMo's payroll system apart is its remarkable flexibility, seamless accommodation of various payment methods, adaptation to diverse payroll schedules, and customizable overtime, bonuses, and deductions settings. Its user-friendly interface further enhances its appeal, ensuring effortless navigation for seasoned professionals and novices. In essence, SweldoMo's payroll system emerges as a reliable and efficient ally in navigating the complexities of business payroll, offering a sophisticated solution that empowers organizations to manage their financial affairs with ease and confidence.

HR Management

SweldoMo's HR Management system is a cornerstone in modernizing and optimizing personnel management, offering a robust and efficient solution tailored to diverse HR functions. Its centralization of employee information eliminates the burdens of manual record-keeping, providing seamless access to crucial details such as profiles, performance records, and attendance history.

This centralized repository not only streamlines decision-making for HR professionals but also fosters an overall enhancement in workforce management. By supporting the entire employee lifecycle with talent acquisition, development, and performance management tools, SweldoMo's HR Management system significantly reduces administrative burdens, empowering HR teams to focus on strategic initiatives.

SweldoMo's HR Management system is dedicated to nurturing employee growth. Through a myriad of training and development options, it showcases a steadfast commitment to enhancing skills and cultivating a culture of progress. With its intuitive interface and adaptable features, SweldoMo effortlessly tailors to the distinct requirements of any organization, fostering productivity and engagement. It's the ultimate solution for effective human capital management, propelling businesses toward success and growth.

Performance Management

SweldoMo's Performance Management System is a sophisticated tool meticulously crafted to elevate employee performance and productivity. Its standout feature lies in its comprehensive approach, covering the entire spectrum of the performance management lifecycle. SweldoMo's system ensures a holistic and integrated approach to fostering organizational growth and accountability, from initial goal-setting to continuous feedback mechanisms, performance reviews, and employee development.


SweldoMo's goal-setting feature aligns individual objectives with company goals, fostering transparency and accountability. Continuous feedback promotes recognition and constructive discussions, addressing performance gaps and driving employee development.

SweldoMo's Performance Management System goes beyond performance assessment; it prioritizes employee development with tools for skill assessments and personalized plans, enabling growth within the organization. With analytics providing insights into performance trends, SweldoMo empowers informed decisions on talent development and succession planning. Its user-friendly interface and customizable features foster a culture of continuous improvement and engagement within the workforce.

Learning Management

SweldoMo's Learning Management System (LMS) stands as a pinnacle of innovation, offering a comprehensive solution to streamline organizational training and development. With its intuitive course creation and delivery features, organizations can swiftly deploy tailored training content enriched with multimedia elements and interactive assessments, ensuring a seamless learning experience for employees.

What sets SweldoMo's LMS apart is its robust assessment and reporting tools, enabling organizations to track learners' progress, measure comprehension, and generate detailed performance reports. This data-driven approach empowers businesses to make informed decisions, identify areas for improvement, and ensure employees possess the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in their roles.

Moreover, SweldoMo's LMS doesn't just stop at course delivery; it fosters a culture of continuous learning and development. Its customizable features and intuitive interface adapt to unique training requirements, providing insights and analytics for strategic learning management. In essence, SweldoMo's LMS represents a cutting-edge tool that delivers training content and empowers organizations to optimize their learning strategies for enhanced performance and growth.

Video LiveCon

SweldoMo's Video Livecon emerges as a cornerstone in facilitating seamless organizational communication and collaboration. This dynamic platform offers real-time video conferencing capabilities, enabling teams to connect, share information, and collaborate irrespective of geographical boundaries.


With its array of features, including screen sharing, chat functionality, and customizable meeting settings, Video Livecon elevates virtual communication to new heights, fostering a productive and engaging environment for remote and distributed teams.

Moreover, its user-friendly interface and reliable performance render it a versatile tool for virtual meetings, presentations, and collaborative sessions. Whether brainstorming ideas or conducting meaningful discussions, Video Livecon ensures effective and efficient communication across diverse business scenarios. In essence, SweldoMo's Video Livecon is not just a video conferencing tool; it's a catalyst for enhanced collaboration and productivity in the modern workplace.


SweldoMo Analytica stands as a formidable asset, empowering organizations to harness the power of data for informed decision-making. This potent solution transforms raw data into actionable insights through its advanced analytics tools, unveiling trends, patterns, and correlations that drive strategic initiatives.

What sets SweldoMo Analytica apart is its ability to transcend basic reporting, offering comprehensive data visualization and interactive dashboards. These features facilitate a deeper understanding of complex information, enabling organizations to unlock the full potential of their data assets.


SweldoMo Analytica empowers organizations to explore, interpret, and communicate data effectively with customizable features and user-friendly interfaces. It enables them to confidently optimize operations, identify opportunities, and strategize for future success, leveraging a data-driven approach that propels them toward their goals. In essence, SweldoMo Analytica emerges as a powerful ally, unlocking the insights hidden within data to drive organizational excellence and success.

SweldoKo EWA

SweldoKo EWA (Earned Wage Access) emerges as a game-changing financial solution, empowering employees with real-time access to their earned wages. By bridging the gap between paydays, this innovative platform allows employees to promptly address their financial needs, fostering a sense of financial security and stability.

With its user-friendly interface and seamless integration, SweldoKo EWA revolutionizes the traditional payday schedule, offering employees greater financial flexibility and independence. It enhances employee satisfaction and increases organizational retention rates, fostering a more engaged and loyal workforce.

In essence, SweldoKo EWA promotes financial well-being among employees, aligning their financial needs with organizational goals. Prioritizing employee empowerment and satisfaction is vital to enhancing organizational success and fostering a culture of mutual benefit and prosperity.


Elevating Workforce Management with Innovation and Excellence.

SweldoMo isn't merely a payroll solution; it's your strategic ally in driving business growth. Imagine a seamless system that automates tedious tasks, freeing your team to focus on expansion. With SweldoMo, bid farewell to manual errors and compliance issues. Its intuitive interface and robust features ensure precision and efficiency in every payroll cycle.


Yet, SweldoMo goes beyond the basics. It's a tailored solution that adapts to your unique needs, offering flexible payment methods, customizable settings, and real-time monitoring capabilities. By empowering your workforce and fueling your growth, SweldoMo becomes the obvious choice for your business. Discover the SweldoMo difference— a payroll solution that consistently exceeds expectations.



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Unit 112 Entrata Urban Tower I

2609 Civic Drive, Filinvest Corporate City

Alabang, Muntinlupa City

1781 Philippines


Redlanch Business Park

Homelots Ave. Doña Maria Subdivision

Tagas, Daraga, Albay

4501 Philippines


+63.969.374.9908  |  +63.995.531.8930
[email protected]

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